1980 Toyota Corolla Wagon – 5spd Manual in Whitefish, MT

1980 toyota corolla wagon TE72 5spd manual

Barn find from the Portland area. Third owner. 125,000 ORIGINAL MILES on everything but a freshly rebuilt engine that now has about 5k miles on it. Engine is finally feeling broken-in and is running great! I’m selling because it’s rear wheel drive, and as such, is completely worthless in the snow. I live in snowy WF now so I need a vehicle with 4WD. This car is great in the summer. I’ve taken it all over the place. Into the wilds of NW MT, hunting, going to the sun road, music festivals, up and down the west coast and all over the NW. It’s always been extremely reliable has good mileage @31 HWY/26 CITY. It’s totally underpowered compared to a fuel injected vehicle. This is a 1.8l engine that produces about 65-72 horsepower, generally. SHe’s slow, but damn is she steady!

Work/parts I’ve done/replaced within the last 20k miles:
-Complete engine rebuild (re-bore, new pistons/rings, pumps, gaskets, timing chain/wheel, cylinder-head rebuild, etc)
-Replaced clutch, resurfaced pressure plate, replaced clutch bearing.
-New master AND slave cylinder
-Front calipers and pads.
-Pitman arm
-Idler arm
-Fuel pump
-New all-season street tires on aftermarket aluminum wheels
-Ignition Control Module
-PCValve, fuel and oil filters
-Replaced the battery two weeks ago
-Tailgate door lifts
-door lock caps, door clips (for handle)
-heat fan

Work it still needs:
-Struts (still drives fine, but the rear end is soft and bottoms out on bigger bumps)
-Heater core (gets warm, but slow to defrost windshield)
-Could use a carburetor rebuild, although still runs great. I recommend a Weber carb kit. They’re known to improve performance from the 37 year old stock carb that’s still in it from 1980! -far out! Weber carbs also improve mileage. This was next on to-do list, but I’ve decided to sell my beloved wagon entirely. Need something to get me up and down the mountain in winter.

I am very sad to sell this car. It’s been a fun project of mine for the last three years of ownership. Runs great, practical (this thing is a music gear clown car! We once moved a suitcase fender rhodes electric piano, two fender deluxe amps, two congas, a guitar, trumpet, and another passenger in this baby! All the parts I’ve pulled off this car have been stock! This car has a 5 digit odometer, but it’s only seen 125k original miles. It sat in a barn in central Oregon after the original owner (an elderly woman) parked it, unable to fix a mere clogged fuel filter. Her son (second owner) replaced it and drove it for a few years until he sold to a cyclist in portland. He owned it for two years, but rode his bike everywhere inPortland, and didn’t want to burden of owning a vehicle an longer, then I bought it from him. It was starting to burn some oil then, and I drove it 20,000ish miles until I rebuilt the engine.

Pics speak for themselves, but internally, the windows aren’t rolling up or down without help. I pulled replacement window regulators from a junkyard in Canada, but the windows still don’t work well. The gentleman who owned it before me had a sound system put in…. Which is nice, but had to cut the front speaker into the doors, which nicked a small piece of the window track reinforcing metal, which could be fixed (I just never did). The front left goes up and down with assistance. The front right window doesn’t track well… Just needs new poly-vinyl window gasket.

The seat leather has just recently cracked in front. The seats were in perfect shape when I bought the car which, since they’re original, also tells me without a doubt this car only had 100,000 original miles on it when I bought it! pretty cool! The dash is cracked but I have a replacement dashboard panel. Interior is good. Leather seats all original. Also has four round headlights, which is a pretty rare configuration. -They usually come with two square headlights, but this one looks super stylish. Couple small dents here and there but could easily be repaired. I like to call the color of this car “Steve Irwin” Beige.

Thanks for looking.

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